Saturday, April 21, 2018

Why Risk With Dangerous Statin Drugs When You Can Eat Only Four Brazilian Nuts A Month.

Researchers have found a natural way to reduce cholesterol levels, which has no side effects. Patients, who have high cholesterol levels, are often prescribed statin drugs even though these drugs are known to have side effects, like muscle pain, confusion, digestive problems, liver damage and memory loss.As a result of these health issues, researchers have recently found a natural way to reduce high cholesterol level.

A study published at the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, included 10 participants (23 – 34 years old) eating a serving of Brazil nuts, was carried out to and the effects of nuts on the cholesterol levels. Namely, ten women and men ate a serving of zero, one, four or
eight Brazil nuts.

They had a balanced diet and blood sample tests were taken on the first day, at 48 hours, and after 5 and 30 days of eating the nuts. The results of the study have shown that the serving of nuts improved the cholesterol level. After 9 hours of eating the nuts, the bad cholesterol, or the LDL, was signi􀃒cantly reduced. The statin drugs have effects
after four days. However, that is not all. The researchers tested the cholesterol level
after 5 days and then after 30 days. However, the participants in the study did not eat only Brazil nuts. They ate the serving of nuts a month before and the cholesterol was still low even after 30 days. After eating nuts, the cholesterol level remained reduced. This study
was not funded by the nut industry of Brazil.

What is interesting is the fact that four nuts had better effects than eight nuts on the cholesterol levels. The results of the study have shown that eating only four nuts a month can improve the bad cholesterol and boost up the good cholesterol levels up to 30 days, or
even longer.

Brazil nuts have numerous health benefits that regulate cholesterol levels, including antioxidants (Vitamin E, polyphenols, and selenium), polyunsaturated fats, monounsaturated fats, soluble fiber and plant sterols.

The polyunsaturated and saturated fats are beneficial for the production of cholesterol in the liver, whereas the soluble 􀃒ber slows its absorption. Vitamin E, polyphenols, and selenium stop oxidation of circulation in bad cholesterol. All these benefits regulate the cholesterol balance.
Brazil nuts also reduce in􀃓ammation, which is a cause of tightening arteries and other health issues. Another study has shown that eating a portion of Brazil nuts also significantly reduces inflammation.
Nowadays, when a study is published in the medical literature with such amazing results, the clinical practice will change when the
results will be replicated, particularly if the study is done on only 10 participants. However, eating four nuts a month is cheap, harmless and easy, so the best way is to prove it yourself. Brazil nuts in dark chocolate have greater benefits.


– You will need these ingredients:
• 300 g dark chocolate
• 30 fresh organic Brazil nuts

– Preparation method:

1. Crack the nuts and remove the shells.
2. Melt the chocolate bars in over a pan of steaming water.
3. Add the Brazil nuts in the melted chocolate and mix it. Take the
nuts out with 2 forks.
4. Put the nuts on a greaseproof paper or silicone sheet.
5. Store them in the fridge for half an hour. Consume them within a
The researchers stated that one serving of nuts is enough and that it does not cause kidney and liver toxicity. Namely, Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, so that four nuts on a daily basis may increase the daily intake of selenium.

A Brazil nut contains 50 mcg – 300 mcg of selenium based on the content of the soil where the tree grows. So, eating one or two nuts contains the daily recommended dose. However, you do not have to worry about that, because you eat four nuts a month.

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