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Only 4 minute in a day in the position of PLANK , Give you your desired body Figure / Personality with six pack in month only

Bodyweight exercises are gaining ground in the fitness world due to the practicality and simplicity of getting in shape using your own body weight. Planks are one form of bodyweight exercises that will never go out of fashion. Planks are one of the most effective exercises you can do. Why? Because they require a small time investment on your part, and offer the chance to achieve substantial results in a relatively short span of time.
Abdominal muscles must provide support for our entire back and spinal column.. In doing so, they also play a vital role in preventing injuries. However, for them to perform this function successfully, our core muscles have to be strong and trained on a regular basis. What all this means is that doing plank exercises every day is a great way to strengthen your core, and in doing so, support your spine.
Now, let’s focus on what will happen when you start doing planks every day:
1- Begin in the plank position with your forearms and toes on the floor as seen in the image .
2- Keep your torso straight and rigid your body in the straight line from ear to toes with no sagging or      bending .
3- Your head is relaxed and you should be looking at the floor
4-  Hold the position for 10 seconds to start .
5-  Over the time work up to 34 , 40 or 60 seconds .
6- Do at least 4 minutes in day in empty stomach  
1. You’ll improve core definition and performance: 
Planks are an ideal exercise for the abdominal muscles exactly because they engage all major core muscle groups including the transverse abdominus, the rectus abdominusthe external oblique muscle, and the glutes. The importance of strengthening each muscle group cannot be underestimated either, for all of these groups serve their own purpose. If you strengthen these muscle groups you will notice:
  • Transverse abdominal:  increased ability to lift heavier weights.
  • Rectus abdominal : improved sports performance, particularly with jumping. This muscle group is also responsible for giving you the renowned six pack look.(certainly)
  • Oblique muscles: improved capacity for stable side-bending and waist-twisting
  • Glutes: a supported back and a strong, shapely boody.
2. You’ll decrease your risk of injury in the back and spinal column
Doing planks is a type of exercise that allow you to build muscle while also making sure that you are not putting too much pressure on your spine or hips. According to the American Council on Exercise, doing planks regularly not only significantly reduces back pain but it also strengthens your muscles and ensures a strong support for your entire back, especially in the areas around your upper back.
Check out this article if you would like to find out about how doing planks on different surfaces can impact the effectiveness of this exercise in strengthening your core.
Robin Singh

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Treatment of Fibroids in the Uterus

Treatment of fibroids in the uterus can last little longer, and regular check-ups are a way to keep the uterine fibroids under control. The treatment of uterine fibroids naturally is the best solution for all the women who really care about their health and take care of all the effects of the therapy in the treatment, because teas for treatment of fibroids contain only completely natural substances, which do not disturb the balance of your body, nor cause any side effects, so you can be completely safe.
When you live in a time of rapid changes, huge stress and too much job tasks, health usually suffers the most as a result of irregular diet, stress, nervousness, and many other causes. Health can be seriously affected, particularly in women. Female reproductive organs are extremely sensitive to many influences that come from the outside and are often manifested in them many of the changes that affect the health and the overall health of women. One of the problems that every third woman in Serbia is facing is uterine fibroids.
Today, the number of women who have uterine fibroids is rising and they are trying to find techniques to treat uterine fibroids naturally because they are scared of side effects which may happen due to some therapies.
The treatment of uterine fibroids with herbs is one of the methods that are gaining popularity, especially in recent years, when the awareness of a healthier lifestyle and proper nutrition is increased, as well as the consumption of natural products that can improve our health.
One solution that has yielded very positive results in recent years is the treatment of uterine fibroids with teas, which are made entirely on a natural basis and they usually contain diverse herbs, which should help to combat persistent fibroids and to neutralize them from the uterus.
Herba Medica Natural” company can offer their premium product tea for treating uterine fibroids. The tea is called “Femina”, and is made from 30 hand-picked herbs, which have been shown to have beneficial effects on fibroids, cysts and benign tumors, and is a completely natural way.
This natural tea for treating fibroids is using during a period of seven weeks, which should completely solve the problems with uterine fibroids, and one of its advantages is that it helps with female or male sterility. Tea for the treatment of fibroids “Femina” can be your friend in the fight against these persistent growths on the uterus.
Your health is the most important thing, and if it happens that you experience uterine fibroids, the treatment must begin as soon as possible, because the reproductive organs need to take special care, because they have great importance for the establishment of your family and the overall health of your body.
Teas are the cure for the treatment of uterine myoma, and they are also the right decision to take your life into your own hands and for your body to do something good.

Losing Just 1 Gram Of Fat In The Pancreas Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Losing Just 1 Gram Of Fat In


The Pancreas Can Reverse

Type 2 Diabetes

According to a research from the UK, losing a gram of fat from the pancreas can reverse the symptoms of type 2 diabetes.
Weight loss has been proven as an effective method against type 2 diabetes. This condition makes the body unable to produce insulin or become insensitive to the substance. However, this is the first time a research has shown what type of weight loss is required to control the condition.
The study included 18 obese type 2 diabetes patients before and after gastric bypass surgery. Using an MRI, the research confirmed extremely high amounts of fat in the pancreas compared to other obese people with the same type of diabetes. The surgery helped them burn fat, get off their medications and reduced their insulin levels back to normal.
The results of the research imply that excess pancreas fat is specific to this condition and clogs the normal production of insulin. A Newcastle press release states: “When that excess fat is removed, insulin secretion increases to normal levels.” In simpler terms, the patients were then freed from diabetes
This is a groundbreaking discovery, although it’s not as easy as losing a gram of fat from a specific organ. “If you ask how much weight you need to lose to make your diabetes go away, the answer is 1 gram! But that gram needs to be fat from the pancreas,” says, Roy Taylor, the head of the research. “At present the only way we have to achieve this is by calorie restriction by any means – whether by diet or an operation.”
he research compared the diabetic’s results to people who had gastric bypass surgery, but were not suffering from diabetes. After the bypass, all participants in the study lost about 13% of body fat, but the difference was where the fat came from. The non-diabetics that never had elevated fat levels in their pancreas kept the same amount of fat in the organ. But, the diabetes patients lost 1.2% of fat from the organ, getting them back to healthy levels. After the surgery, the diabetics got off their medication immediately and their insulin levels went back to normal.
Taylor explains: “For people with Type 2 diabetes, losing weight allows them to drain excess fat out of the pancreas and allows function to return to normal.”
As the sample size was small, the results must be replicated in a larger study with more participants. More research is also needed, to determine how long the diabetes symptoms stay away after the pancreas fat loss. Still, the results are very promising, and provided insight to scientists about the treatment of type 2 diabetes, a condition that affects 9% of the population.
“The decrease in pancreas fat is not simply related to the weight loss itself. It is not something that might happen to anyone whether or not they had diabetes. It is specific to Type 2 diabetes,” says Taylor. “What is interesting is that regardless of your present body weight and how you lose weight, the critical factor in reversing your Type 2 diabetes is losing that 1 gram of fat from the pancreas.”

Save Your Heart, Kidneys, and Brain: Clean Your Arteries with These 3 ingredients

The arteries are the blood vessels that deliver oxygen-rich blood from the heart to all body. They are the fundamental part of the human body and therefore their health is more than important.
Processed food, fatty foods, toxins and chemicals are the worst enemies of healthy cardiovascular system and the culprits of numerous heart diseases, including heart attack.
This miraculous recipe will cleanse your arteries and remove the fat from the blood.
  • 4 L clean water
  • 8 lemons
  • 8 cloves of garlic
  • 1 piece of ginger (4-5 cm)
Wash well the lemons and cut them into pieces. Clean the garlic cloves and ginger, and put all the ingredients in a blender. Mix well and transfer the mixture in a pot.
Add the water and cook. Remove the pot from the heat as soon as it starts boiling. Store the resulting mixture in bottles.
Consume the remedy on daily basis, 2 hours before meals, on an empty stomach. Also, it is recommended that you do regular exercises at least three times a day during the treatment. The results will amaze you!

The Best Medicine Against Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure

The Amish have been using this medicine for a long time for treating many diseases and improving the immune system. This powerful mixture can be used specifically to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure. Here’s how to prepare it:

1 grated garlic clove
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
1 piece of grated ginger
1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon of organic honey
The preparation is simple – just mix all the ingredients and store the mixture in the fridge for 5 days.
After five days, you can take the mixture before breakfast and dinner,but never take it more than three times a day. In only a week, you will feel the results – make a blood test and you will see that your cholesterol levels are down. Your blood pressure should also be normalized.

Sea cucumber extract kills 95 percent of breast cancer cells and shrinks lung tumors

A new study has shown that sea cucumber extract kills up to 95 percent of breast cancer cells, 90 percent of melanoma cells, 95 percent of liver cancer cells and 88 percent of lung cancer cells in vitro. The extract also stimulates the immune system against cancer and impedes key processes required for metastasis. While the science behind this is very new to Western medicine, the sea cucumber has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries.

Sea cucumber extracts potently kill

 multiple cancer cell lines

In previous studies, extracts of sea cucumber have demonstrated potent cytotoxicity against pancreatic, lung, prostate, colon, breast, skin and liver cancer cells as well as leukemia and gioblastoma. Researchers have identified a key compound responsible for sea cucumber's anti-cancer properties: a triterpenoid known as frondoside A.

A new study has now confirmed the anti-cancer effects of frondoside A at a whole new level. In the lab, it has killed up to 95 percent of ER+ breast cancer cells, 90 percent of melanoma cells, 95 percent of liver cancer cells and 85-88 percent of three different lines of lung cancer. But the benefits of this compound don't just stop at directly inducing programmed cell death (apoptosis). It also inhibits angiogenesis (the ability of tumors to grow new blood vessels to get their food) and stops cancer metastasizing by impeding cell migration and invasion. Even more intriguing is the ability of frondoside A to activate our immune system's natural killer cells to attack cancer cells. This has been shown for breast cancer in particular but may also apply to all cancers, because it involves the immune system and not cancer cells directly. This may partially explain why frondoside A was so effective at shrinking lung tumors in mice that it rivaled chemo drugs in performance.

Lung tumor shrinkage that rivals chemo 

drugs - without the side effects

Frondoside A is potently cytotoxic to three different types of lung cancer in vitro, including NCI-H460Luc2, LNM35 (non-small cell lung cancer) and A459 (epithelial adenocarcinoma). And when given to mice with xenografted human non-small cell lung cancer, it shrank the tumors by 40 percent in 10 days. This compares very well with the shrinkage of 47 percent obtained with a standard chemo drug. But the similarities between the two compounds stop there. The chemo drug used in this study is known to damage DNA and carry potent negative side effects, such as kidney damage and immunosuppression, and it may actually induce leukemia in the patient. Frondoside A, however, actually stimulates the immune system, potently kills leukemia cells and produced no visible side effects in the mice, according to the researchers - all at a fraction of the price of chemo. But the most impressive part of this study was that this was achieved at a very small dose of frondoside A - equivalent to less than a single milligram for an adult human weighing 75 kilograms. It is also noteworthy that frondoside A given together with the chemo drug shrank the tumor by a remarkable 68 percent.

The future of sea cucumber as a natural 

medicine for cancer

Sea cucumber extract is a highly promising natural medicine for cancer. There are currently two clinical trials using it (with other natural extracts) against myeloma and multiple myeloma, but more trials against breast and lung cancer are clearly called for, as a start. In the meantime, dried and powdered sea cucumber is available in North America in over-the-counter health supplements aimed at inflammatory conditions (such as arthritis), because sea cucumber also happens to be a rich source of chondroitin.

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A few years ago, a former professor showed me a blood test, and I must say – it impressed me.
The five key blood parameters: urea, cholesterol, blood glucose, lipids and triglycerides had values which far exceeded the normal levels. He said that the person with these analyses should already be dead, or if he is still alive, it’s probably just out of pure stubbornness. My teacher then showed me the name of that patient. He had his name hidden with his hand. That patient was the professor himself! I was shocked! And I said: “But how? And what did you do?”
With a smile he introduced me to another sheet analysis, saying: “Now, look at this, compare the values of the parameters and see the dates. “That’s what I did. The parameter values were clearly within the recommended range, the blood was perfect, flawless. But, I was shocked when I looked at the dates. The difference between the dates was just one month (between the two analyses of the same person)!

And then I asked: “How did you do it? This is really amazing!” My professor told me that the miracle was made by his doctor, who suggested a treatment from another doctor that was his friend. I have used the same treatment, for couple of times, with impressive results. And I do this miraculous treatment once a year, I check my blood, and if either is present tendency to breakdown, return immediately to repeat this process. I highly recommend that you should try it.
Here’s the secret: every week for 4 weeks, you should buy raw pumpkin at the supermarket or the bazaar. Then, you need to peel 100 grams of pumpkin, place the pieces in a blender (raw), and add some water (WATER ONLY!), And mix well, making a vitamin pumpkin-smoothie with water. Take this vitamin smoothie, 15-20 minutes before breakfast. Make sure you do this treatment for a month, or every time you think you need to lower your cholesterol. The best thing about this treatment is that you control the outcome, making analysis before and after treatment with other pumpkin. According to the doctor, there is no contraindication; because it is just a natural vegetable and water (do not use sugar!). My professor teacher, who is an excellent chemical engineer, studied the pumpkin to find out which of the active ingredients it contains and found that the pumpkin compounds eliminated all LDL cholesterol from the arteries, through the urine. He found that this miraculous remedy cleansed his arteries and he was feeling refreshed and full of energy. We really hope you enjoyed this article and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank You.


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Today, depression is a very common emotional state of mind. It is an extremely complex disease. No one knows exactly what causes it, but it can occur for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, when people are depressed, they eat and drink to help themselves feel better. Here is a recipe of an anti-depressant turmeric juice if you or a loved one is suffering from depression.

Today, depression is a very common emotional state of mind. It is an extremely complex disease. No one knows exactly what causes it, but it can occur for a variety of reasons.
Sometimes, when people are depressed, they eat and drink to help themselves feel better. Here is a recipe of an anti-depressant turmeric juice if you or a loved one is suffering from depression. 


Among the most deadly diseases on the planet now, cancer, changes the lives of countless individuals all around the globe. The standard anticancer treatment gives precedence to chemotherapy, which cause more pain to the patients that are suffering, and also worse, does’t consistently give results.
She was also advised to remove the balls to prevent the danger of losing her voice and so that you can get more hours. On the other hand, the operation was not successful and the cancer spread to liver and her neck

Taking a Proactive Strategy
Candice was steadfastly against chemotherapy because she attributed the departures of her cousin and her friend on this treatment, aged 31 and 13. So, she’d nothing to do but take a proactive way of fight with the disorder.
She quit smoking, drinking, and using make-up, along with other chemical-filled products. She quit her job and left her husband that is unsupportive.
On the other hand, she turned to meditation, and positive thinking, took up yoga, and adopted a vegan lifestyle.
The thing is meat includes protein that takes considerably more to digest and feeds cancer. This is why ca’t fix – their body uses the energy rather than fighting the cancer to digest the complicated creature protein.

The Strong Fruit Behind Her Healing  :::::
This tropical fruit is not scarce in bromelain, a compound that reduces inflammation and fortifies the immune system.
Candice got into the custom of juicing 3 pineapples daily. And, in just half a year after beginning her new dietary regimen, her stage 4 cancer essentially vanished.
Five years after her degrees fell to 0.2; only 0.1npm above the standard range for healthy people.
In accordance with the manager of the Nutritional Oncology Research Institute this can be clear evidence that cancer had been conquered by her.
As said by Mark Simon:
“Her tumour mark, which represent the amount of cells that are cancerous, has been well within the standard range for over two years, so we can say that her period four thyroid cancer is under powerful direction”
“I can let you know that most thyroid cancer patients with similar conditions to Candice who follow the traditional path experience or tend not to live an extremely inferior quality of life.”
In the words of Dr Simon, moreover and conquering, keeping cancer away, significantly depends on a lifestyle, man’s diet, and physical action, rather than on traditional anticancer treatments. You can find many living testimonies of this, and Candice is only one of them.

Breaking Study: This Green Herb ( MORINGA TREE ) Could be The Cure to 5 Different Types of Cancer Including Ovarian, Liver, Lung and Melanoma

hanks to its many virtues, the Moringa tree, around the people is recognized as the “miracle tree”. His virtues are well known in India, parts of Africa, the Philippines, and many other countries, but is still relatively unknown in the USA.
The largest crop of Moringa tree is in India which is it native land, but it is in common use in herbalism and in a wide variety of other applications all over the world. We must mention that due to everyday’s use of this “miracle tree” the death rate from pancreatic cancer in India is 84% lower than in the United States!
This tree is also extensively cultivated in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and Central America.
Numerous studies came to the same result and that this tree is a superb cure for the most serious diseases of TODAY.
Moringa tree is used in traditional medicine because it has an anti-fungal, antibacterial, antidepressant, anti-diabetes properties and can also cure pain,reduce fever and even help asthma treatment.
This incredible tree also has some anti-cancer compounds( kaempferol, rhamnetin, and isoquercitrin)that are very powerful and helpful in curing cancer. He is great for fighting against ovarian cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, and melanoma.
Yet, before we are 100% sure in its anti- cancer properties,we will have to wait for more research to be made. However,until now studies shown that there is a potential for a starting point for a medicine of the future.We hope for the best.


In today’s world, you can find all kinds of medications and drugs for every disease, ailment or health problem. Well, to be honest with you, it’s very easy to go to the local pharmacy, buy some pills and drink them every day. Some people drink medications just to ease their joint pain and improve the condition of their joints, bones, knee, neck and feet. And here comes the million-dollar question – is it really necessary to drink all kinds of drugs and medications for minor injuries? You just have to try some natural alternatives, instead of using pharmaceutical products every day. Do you know the old saying? – “The person who takes medicine must recover twice, once from the disease, and once from the medicine.”

And, let’s get back to our subject. Well, this homemade method suggests using gelatin, and it promises amazing results in just few weeks. Note: make sure you find a high-quality food gelatin. We all know that there are many different gelatin products on the market today, but they are loaded with artificial flavors or sugar added.

How to use it – you just have to add 1 teaspoon of gelatin to a glass of water, and drink it before you go to bed. Or, you can use fresh juices or yogurt instead of water. You will notice how the liquid thickens as you stir in the gelatin, so you can use a spoon if it is too thick for you. Or, third option – you can eat it with your favorite cereals and milk. But, if you are dealing with severe ailments, then we highly recommend that you should take your gelatin dose twice a day. Your pain will disappear and you will experience a greater joint mobility in just 7 days. Gelatin treatments usually last for 4-6 weeks.

You will be amazed by the results. Gelatin is really amazing, especially for elderly and those who have difficulty moving. Let me ask you a simple question – do you know what’s gelatin? Well, it is an animal product, and it is obtained through the hydrolysis of collagen. This protein is the base of animal cartilage, bone, and tendons. We consume gelatin through food products like jellies, meat, dairy, gummy candy, but we are not even aware of that. Gelatin goes under the name E441.
But, the bad thing is that the aging process affects and slows down the production of collagen, and individual microfibers in the body become interconnected, which leads to reduced flexibility. This is why older people have trouble moving and experience pain. It takes more time to warm their bodies, and performing regular physical activities seems impossible. This is why you should use gelatin every day. And older people should consume it twice a day.
These are some of the most important benefits of using gelatin:
  • Gelatin stimulates the growth of your nails and makes them stronger
  • It also provides better elasticity of both your skin and body, and wipes out visible skin aging
  • Gelatin will help you sleep much better
  • Many different studies have confirmed that gelatin will help you reduce the appearance of cellulite, boost your metabolism and relieve allergies
Note: you should also know that gelatin is usually acquired from pigs and cattle, and thisinformation is usually provided on the labels. We really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank You.

With this juice lose 5 kg in 5 days

Detoxification is very important to your body.
With detoxification you can discard toxins from your body and with this can get the nutritional values of food.
To improve your immune system, to speed up your metabolism, cleanse your body of toxins and cancerous compounds you can drink one amazing beverage and this beverage also can help you to lose weight.   

Hypertension, the development of heart disease and diabetes are the result of belly fat. If you want to lose belly fat you mast to eat healthy, drink health drinks and start to exercise regularly. One very powerful beverage for this big step about belly fat is with cucumber and lemon. Cucumber and lemon are rich with vitamins, magnesium, calcium ect.  
All needed ingredients for this juice are:
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 cucumber
1 tsp. grated ginger
A bunch of parsley
100ml water
How to prepare:     
Take all of the ingredients, put them in a blender and blend it until you achieve the desired. For very quickly results you can drink this juice every night before go to bed. 

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Grape seed extract more effective than chemotherapy in advanced cancer

(NaturalNews) For patients facing a diagnosis of life-threatening cancer, the recommended cure can often be as potentially harmful to health as the disease itself. But for many of these patients, scientific research shows a natural treatment using grape seed extract may hold the key to slowing the growth of cancer cells without the dangerous and deadly side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

In fact, some of the very traits that allow certain cancer cells to resist traditional therapies may make them particularly susceptible to treatment using natural grape seed extract. In fact, findings suggest that the benefits grow with more advanced stages of cancer.

Conventional 'treatments' will never cure cancer

This is not wishful thinking: grape seed extract benefits hold clinical significance. Unfortunately, cancer patients are often pushed to begin radical and invasive procedures – including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy – immediately following a diagnosis of cancer. And, sadly, fear tactics are often used to rush people into risky (ineffective) procedures – which are known to cause secondary cancers later in life.

To be perfectly clear, although a majority of healthcare providers tout the "importance" of conventional care, there is little evidence that undergoing these harmful procedures can actually halt or even slow the progression of cancer cells.

In fact, a study published back in 2003 showed that chemotherapy was ineffective a startling 97 percent of the time. Later studies found that chemotherapy caused critical damage to the DNA of healthy cells and that some cancer-treatment drugs actually caused cancer tumors to grow, sometimes at an alarming rate. Despite the growing mountain of evidence, the mainstream medical community continues to push chemotherapy and radiation as the only hope for cancer patients.

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Let's face the truth: There is substantial evidence that cancer patients suffer greatly when undergoing these treatments, including increased incidence of organ damage, premature aging, sexual dysfunction, neuropathy, cancer recurrence and secondary cancers, dental problems, diabetes, endocrine changes, fatigue, hypothyroidism, memory loss and incontinence, among other conditions.

By contrast, there is no evidence of harmful side effects from the use of grape seed extract. Of course, the obvious must be said, grape seed extract should never be considered the 'only way' to treat cancer. To successfully overcome a cancer diagnosis – one must develop a comprehensive approach to remove unwanted toxins, nourish the body with high-quality nutrients and, of course, address any other physical, mental or emotional issues such as dental problems, systemic infections or chronic issues of anger.

Great news for cancer patients: Natural, lifesaving alternatives are available today

In the journal Cancer Letters, a December 2012 article uncovered that grape seed extract was effective against colorectal cancer in experiments using cultured cancer cells. It also noted that grape seed extract benefits increased with the higher stages of cancer.

Researchers at the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Aurora, tested the impact of grape seed extract in colorectal cancer cell lines at several stages of the disease. They noted an increase in a number of the anticancer mechanisms found within grape seed extract with increasing cancer stages. In contrast, chemotherapy has been found to be of diminishing effectiveness with advanced stages of cancer.

It has been known for some time that the bioactive compounds found in grape seed extract have the ability to selectively target certain types of cancer cells. The 2012 study showed that many of the same mutations enabling colorectal cancer cells to metastasize and resist conventional therapies are the very facets that make them sensitive to treatment with grape seed extract.

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A similar study published earlier in the journal Carcinogenesis found that in both cell lines and mouse models, grape seed extract killed head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells, without harming nearby healthy cells. In that published paper, the authors noted that grape seed extract created an environment unfavorable to cancer cell growth.

A study published later, in January 2013, in the journal Nutrition and Cancer, found that grape seed extract was also effective in treating prostate cancers, while a January 2014 published study showed grape seed extract to be effective against certain types of lung cancer.

Conventional oncology will never admit the truth about natural cancer therapies

Positive effects, using grape seed extract, have been shown to multiply with increasing stages of cancer. Naturally, many people would wonder, 'why don't conventionally-trained physicians share this information with their cancer patients?' Because it would threaten their livelihood and, even if they did say something, they could lose their medical license for suggesting a non-conventional approach.

The study, mentioned earlier in this article – focusing on colorectal cancer, showed that less than half the concentration of grape seed extract was needed to kill 50 percent of stage IV cells as was necessary to realize similar results at stage II cancer.

It is believed that, unlike chemotherapy – which traditionally targets only a specific mutation – grape seed extract is able to target multiple mutations. In fact, the more mutations found in a case of cancer, the more effective grape seed extract can be in treating the cancerous cells.

It is not unusual, for example, to find that a colorectal cancer cell exhibits upwards of 11,000 genetic mutations. Because of this, cancer can quickly become resistant to conventional treatments able to target only a very limited number of mutations.

The findings provide new hope for cancer patients, many of which will not be diagnosed until an advanced stage of the disease when chemotherapy is least effective. Unlike the harmful effects documented with conventional treatments, the researchers did not see any harmful effects of grape seed extract.

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